Flora Decanter
Flora Decanter
Flora Decanter
Flora Decanter
Flora Decanter
Flora Decanter

Flora Decanter

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Limited Edition 

The Flora Decanter is a unique collaboration designed and created by Julia Koerner & Austin Fields in Los Angeles. It is inspired by Californian landscapes, organic flora and fauna, the liquid flow of light and fluid dynamics of the ocean. 

Through a variety of material investigations Julia & Austin create synthesis between two distinctive technologies. Julia specializes in cutting-edge computational design and 3D-printing, while Austin specializes in various experimental glassblowing techniques.

The digitally crafted and distinctive 3D printed base elevates the handmade glass vessel that is hand-blown to nest perfectly onto the organic base. Each glass piece is unique and varies in the undulating characteristics, natural to the hand blown craftsmanship process. 

What's Inside the box:

  • Hand blown glass decanter, clear.
  • 3D Printed base, plant based polymer.
  • Care and Use instructions.

Shipping Dimensions:

9 x 9 x 12 inch, 3lbs
230 x 230 x 305mm, 1.36kg

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Photography: Elena Kulikova
Videography: Michael Wells
Model: Britni Sumida Hair & MUA: Beauty by Berenz 

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