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    Q: What material are the 3D-printed products?
    A: Most of our products are made from high quality, high durability 3D-printed polymers, they include plant-based materials from renewable resources.

    Q: How are the designs generated?
    A: Our products are all designed digitally in the computer with software platforms that are used in Architecture, Product and Entertainment industries. We believe the process is a digital craft where these geometries inspired by nature are either sculpted in 3D or generated through algorithms and code.

    Q: Where are JK3D products made?
     Our products, except couture, are designed and manufactured either in our solar-powered lab in Los Angeles, California, or in our renewable-energy powered studio in Vienna, Austria.

    Q: Can you 3D print my name or initials on the inside of the HY Clutch?
     Yes! most clutches are made just-in-time based on orders, and we are able to 3D print your name, logo or initials on the inside of the clutch. Note that we are unable to accept returns on personalized products.

    Q: I would like to make a business order in the EU, how can we enter our tax ID?
     Please email us at with your VAT ID and the items you would like to order, we will send you a custom order link without VAT.

    Q: Do you create customized products upon request?
     We custom design couture pieces according to our clients requests. Connect with us at for special requests. 

    Q: What is your shipping policy and return policy?
     Please visit our shipping policy here, and our return police here.