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    Flora Decanter • Lake Edition • Amber • Ash

    by JK3D

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    9 x 9 x 12 Inches, 3 lbs
    230 x 230 x 305 mm, 1.36 kg


    Limited Edition of 10

    For the millstART exhibition in Stift Millstatt, Carinthia in Austria, JK3D designed a limited lake edition of the Flora Decanter in three unique colors - Turquoise, Deep Blue and Amber. The 3d printed base is available in two different colors - Ash and Sand. The exhibition is open form June until October 2023.

    The Flora Decanter is a unique collaboration designed and created by Julia Koerner & Austin Fields in Los Angeles. It is inspired by Californian landscapes, organic flora and fauna, the liquid flow of light and fluid dynamics of the ocean. For the limited Lake Edition Julia and Austin developed three special colors: Amber, Deep Blue and Turquoise.

    Through a variety of material investigations Julia & Austin create synthesis between two distinctive technologies. Julia specializes in cutting-edge computational design and 3D-printing, while Austin specializes in various experimental glassblowing techniques.

    The digitally crafted and distinctive 3D printed base elevates the handmade glass vessel that is hand-blown to nest perfectly onto the organic base. Each glass piece is unique and varies in the undulating characteristics, natural to the hand blown craftsmanship process. For the limited Lake Edition the base is 3D printed with natural quartz sand in two tones: Sand and Ash.


    The Future is 3D Printed
    • Made with sustainable plant based renewable material
    • Made in Los Angeles for North America, and Vienna for Europe and Internationally
    • Made with solar and renewable energy
    • Lightweight and nearly zero waste in production

    Flora · Decanter · Lake Edition

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    • Hand blown glass Decanter, Amber.
    • 3D Printed sand base, Ash. 
    • Care and Use instructions.
    • US orders are manufactured just-in-time at our solar-powered lab in California, USA.
    • EU, UK and Middle East orders are manufactured just-in-time at our clean-energy powered studio in Vienna, Austria.

    Free Shipping in the US, Europe and Canada.

    Please allow three weeks for custom creation of your unique decanter and sand base. 

    Connect for local pick-up and international orders.

    Designed and created by Julia Koerner & Austin Fields in Los Angeles.

    Photography: JK3D, Naomi Neururer
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