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    The future of fashion is 3D printed. Julia Koerner represents this vision on NETFLIX’s series “The Future Of”

    The world of fashion is home to many designers and artists who are working on cutting edge design research with state of the art technologies. Julia Koerner is a leading pioneer who was featured to represent the future of fashion in the new Netflix Series “The Future Of” which went live on June 28th 2022.

    In the Episode “The future of fashion”, Julia Koerner gives an insight into her pioneering work and how the future might look like where 3D printers are creating fashion pieces locally and on-demand. “The Future Of” is an ambitious look into how everything around us might change over time, narrated by Jurnee Smollett. Julia Koerner shares her view where “The future of fashion to me is all about 3D-printed products and accessories”. 

    No matter your style, clothes are how we express ourselves, but our clothes are also a big business. It’s not just the fact that we’re producing and buying more clothes than ever. “We want to always re-identify ourselves, look at new aesthetics, rethink how we dress.” says JK3D’s Creative Director Julia Koerner. The real issue lies in what they’re made of. Therefore the fashion industry has to change in the future and this new episode shows a hopeful and exciting future like 3D-printing fashion using compostable materials. In several of Julia’s products, plant-based materials that are made from renewable sources are used, and they are biodegradable. Therefore 3D-printed products and designs are a solution for the future where fashion is 3D printed. Julia Koerner adds that “What I find really great with 3D printing in fashion is that you can create designs which we cannot make in any other way”. 

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