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    Gävle Symphony Orchestra

    Frozen Music

    In the visionary realm where
    music, art and technology converge,
    FROZEN MUSIC unfolds a symphony of innovation.

    Johannes Brahms
    Serenade No. 1

    Bo Linde Suite
    Bolougne OP32

    Stomp of Sweden

    German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once described music as liquid architecture
    and architecture as frozen music. Spearheaded by the creative minds of artist and designer Julia Koerner and curator Andreas Vierziger and made possible by the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, this venture transcends traditional boundaries, breathing life into the abstract nature of music through the tangible medium of 3D-printing. The essence of FROZEN MUSIC lies in the intricate translation of music performed by the Gävle Orchestra into three palpable, three-dimensional sculptures, meticulously crafted 3D-printed artifacts. This ambitious undertaking sets out to amplify the sensorial experience of music by materializing its very soul.

    At the heart of this endeavor is the transformation of musical compositions into a computational algorithm. Harnessing the power of computational design methods, the project meticulously interprets the amplitude, variation, and character of a musical composition. The three sculptures are derived from architectural design processes showcasing a convergence of diverse forms of art.


    The Gävle Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1912, has a long and exciting history, but the focus is always on the future. Each concert presents a challenge to deliver the very best, and to meet the expectations of the audience for an artistic experience at the highest level.

    The orchestra has since its inception played an obvious and significant role in the Swedish music scene and its 52 musicians are driven by an undeniable and heartfelt passion for music. The orchestra takes on a repertoire ranging from the baroque to the latest contemporary music with equal curiosity and dedication. It is of particular note that the orchestra’s initiatives with composers-in-residence have provided a vivid image of the outside world. Through a series of acclaimed CD recordings, the Gävle Symphony Orchestra has also brought many older Swedish
    composers into the limelight and given them well-deserved recognition.

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    Team: Julia Koerner (Creative Director), Kais Al-Rawi, Oliver Hamedinger and Naomi Neururer