Museum of Applied Arts branch Geymüllerschlössel, Vienna
7 May – 5 June 2022

Julia Koerner started the new (Con)temporary Fashion Showcase series in the Geymüllerschlössel and showed select handbags and garments produced with a 3D-printing procedure in the cupola room of the MAK branch.

We were very excited to showcase our recent work at the Museum of Applied Arts branch Geymüllerschlössel in Vienna. We selected a series of HY Clutch and HY Mini handbags and developed a limited edition Schloss collection in three unique colors inspired by the interior of the Biedermeier palace. The pieces were presented on the Lamella Series: a multi-functional, stackable series of pedestals in a variety of heights and sizes.The exhibition also showcased three of Julia Koerner’s iconic 3D printed fashion pieces: the Setae Jacket for Chro-Morpho Collection by Stratasys (2019), the Arid Dress, a Re-Fream funded project (2020) and the Venus Dress (2016)

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Photography: Valerie Maltseva