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    Ashes and Sand Exhibition
    Schloss Hollenegg, Austria

    6th May -28th 2023,
    showcase of our Crytstal Lamellas

    We had the opportunity to showcase our unique 3d printed glass creation alongside works by 26 other talented glass artists. It was great to see the diverse styles and expressions of this incredible material.

    The Crystal Lamellas are 3D-printed glass sculptures which are manufactured by SWAROVSKI . Once we designed the object digitally, the 3D Printer builds up melted glass, layer by layer, to create the physical object. The Lamellas are individually coated with Swarovski’s iconic PVD coating, a technology that allows adding colour to clear glass after the printing. The base on which the lamellas rest, is made of sand which has also been 3D printed into shape

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    Photography: JK3D, Naomi Neururer