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    by JK3D

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    4 x 4 x 1 Inches, 0.22 lbs
    100 x 85 x 15 mm, 0.1 kg

    The KELP • ETUIS is entirely 3D printed as one seamless piece. The Cardholder features an iconic design that is inspired by natural kelp structures and can only be created using additive manufacturing, resulting in an Etuis consisting of 2280 layers and made locally from renewable plant-based polymers. 

    The KELP • ETUIS is the first card holder in our collection. The Etui also marks the introduction of flexible materials into our product lineup. This innovative piece seamlessly combines form and flexibility.

    Inspired by Nature

    The KELP • ETUIS features a digitally crafted design by Award-winning Austrian Designer Julia Koerner that is inspired by the structure and performance of natural kelp topologies, found at the pacific coastline, Julia Koerner 3D-scanned kelp artifacts collected in Malibu, California and digitally crafted kelp inspired geometries which were featured in several designs including the Kelp Mask, Kelp Jacket, Kelp Necklace, Kelp Mini  and most recently the KELP ETUIS.

    Flexible Material

    Size and Practicality

    The Future is 3D Printed
    • Made with sustainable plant based renewable material
    • Made in Los Angeles for North America, and Vienna for Europe and Internationally
    • Made with solar and renewable energy
    • Lightweight and nearly zero waste in production



    • bank cards
    • businesscards
    • banknotes
    • Dust Bag
    • Cleaning Pads
    • Care and Use Guide
    • US orders are manufactured just-in-time at our solar-powered lab in California, USA.
    • EU, UK and Middle East orders are manufactured just-in-time at our clean-energy powered studio in Vienna, Austria.

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    ship within 5 business days.

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    Design Vision, Creative Direction and Execution by Julia Koerner
    Design Team: Julia Koerner, Kais Al-Rawi and Emma Sanson 

    Photography: Naomi Neururer | JK3D 

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