Venus Dress
Venus Dress
Venus Dress
Venus Dress

Venus Dress

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Couture Garment 
Exclusive edition 1 of 1
US Size 2 | EU 34/36

The design of the Venus Dress by Julia Koerner is inspired and based on analysis of the deep-sea sponge, also known as 'Venus flower basket'. The woven net-like structure grows based on environmental influences and adapts to its surroundings. It is influenced by light and water currents. The 3D-printed dress is a woven and tessellated matrix generated from a point-cloud. This is mapped based on characteristics and dimensions of the wearer. The dress also reacts to the wearer by using heat-mapping technology to highlight their emotions. Some parts of the dress are 3D printed using biodegradable thermo-chromatic parts, adapting to temperature and touch. In detail it also changes colour according to its environment. 

This garment was exhibited at:
- The Austrian Cultural Forum, New York City
- Lexus 3D Print show, Düsseldorf
- MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg
- me Collecters Room, Berlin
- Design without Borders, Budapest

Note that couture pieces are collectable pieces, yet can still be worn on occasion. We will contact you upon purchase of a couture piece to organize shipping and other logistics.

Size Details:
Bust: 32.5" / 80-85cm
Waist: 23.5" / 60-63cm
Hip: 34" / 85-90cm